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Honda releases ultra efficient 115hp outboard engine with NMEA 2000® certification, BLAST and Lean Burn Control® for awesome performance and maximum fuel efficiency.

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The BF135 cutting edge technology delivers a world-renowned quality and reliability through an advanced engineering, that's why it is the favourite choice of centre console.

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Initially developed for Honda's high-performance sports cars, 250 races, 6200 RPM and no failures, the Honda BF150 comes along with the legendary VTEC™ system.

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Based on the proven technology of Honda’s automotive engines, the BF175 incorporates exclusive marine technologies delivering 3.5 litres of reliable grunt. It features BLAST™.

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The BF200 delivers superior torque, top-end speed and world-class performance in a narrow, balanced V6 powerplant. The Honda 200hp outboard delivers superior torque.

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Combining Honda innovation with a powerful, large-displacement V6 engine, the BF225 offers the most technologically-advanced power available. VTEC™ offers smooth and quiet idling.

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The BF250 outboard engine takes Honda into the next power range. This flagship engine combines a new 3.6L, V6 EFI engine with the world’s first direct air induction system in an outboard.

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