We can supply and fit any of the outboard motors manufactured by our agencies, Honda Marine, Suzuki or Tohatsu.

Honda LogoWhen you buy a Honda outboard motor you buy something that is more than the sum of it's parts. That's because every Honda product is designed and engineered to be the leader in it's field.
Honda offers a 5 year warranty for pleasure use on the entire range of outboards, from 2 to 250 hp. This is the most comprehensive warranty offered by any outboard motor manufacturer. Even the 150 HP outboard motors fitted to the Formula Honda race boats carry a full 5 year warranty!
 Suzuki Logo

Greater Ease of Use, Compact with Excellent Acceleration and More Economical Operation

After Starting the 4-Stroke Revolution Suzuki has reinvented this category

High Performance
Packed with Proven Technologies, Outstanding Performance and Fuel Efficiency

 Tohatsu Logo 2 Strokes
Tohatsu 2-strokes are world famous for their reliability, terrific-horsepower-to-weight ratios and top-of-the-line performances!
TLDI® (Two stroke Low pressure Direct Injection) is a powerful direct fuel injection system that reduces emissions over conventional carbureted 2-stroke motors while also greatly increasing fuel and oil economy.

4 Strokes
We have maintained the durable standard features that Tohatsu owners appreciate while making fuel-efficient 4-strokes that are easy to transport.